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Seedless Red Canadice Grapes

The New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York more than ninety years ago began a breeding program to produce seedless grapes.  A major goal of the program was to combine the seedless character of grapes from the Mediterranean origin with native New York varieties so as to produce seedless varieties which are adapted to New York growing conditions. In 1952 the breeding program released  two grapes the Bath and Himrod. a grape named Bath. The Bath was small, blue grapes are firmer, sweeter, and milder in labrusca flavor than the parent, Fredonia. The Himrod produces large bunches of white seedless grapes with excellent, honeylike flavor and melting, juicy texture. Both grapes produces large bunches of yellow seedless grapes with excellent, honeylike flavor and melting, juicy texture. Both grapes share the trait they are low winter hardy. In 1962 the program released the Canadice grape (NY 45625) a low level disease resistance and winter hardiness. It produces medium clusters with small red grapes with a sweet spicy flavor,distinctly labrusca with tender edible skin. Perfect for jams, jellies, wines or fresh eating. 


Canadice (NY 45625) is a seedling of the cross Bath x
Himrod. Himrod, a variety named at Geneva, NY, served as
the source of the seedless character for Canadice,
Because of this, the level of disease resistance and winter
hardiness is much greater than is the case with the Other
New York named seedless grapes. It appears that
Canadice will perform well in locations in which Concord
vines will grow.
The cross was made in 1954, and Canadice was
selected in 1962. It has been tested and has performed
satisfactorily at many locations throughout north


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