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German Porcelain Garlic

Ransom Hill Garlic also offers a German Porcelain garlic, a garlic with health benefits, culinary superiority and beautiful looks. The porcelain garlic bulb is large, 2.5 to 3 inches, with large dense cloves. The bulb produces 5 to 6 large cloves. The bulb’s outer wrappers are very white, with blushes of red running through the inner wraps.

Braids made with these German porcelains make a magnificent kitchen display. Our German garlic won the blue ribbon in the 2014 New York State Fair garlic competition. The garlic looks as if an artist created it rather than having been grown in the ground. Great eating garlic - - Porcelains have a rich garlic flavor, and are  generally on the hot side. Great storing garlic - Porcelain garlic store better than most other garlics:
8 to 9 months when stored properly (in a cool dark place).We have sold our German Porcelain garlic seed all over the United States with good reports on growing.  Seed sent to San Diego grew but not very large. It seems in southern States the German grows fine just a bit smaller. Customers from  the Northeast have reported great production with the seeds.  


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