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Our Nonna Rose Heirloom Garlic originates from Supino Italy, the hometown of our Nonna Rose Bonanni. The garlic has been grown by the Bonanni family for over 78 years. Our garlic is a hardneck garlic variety technically known as Ophioscorodon varity of Allium Sativum. The name originates from the Greek word, "Ophis", meaning snake. The hardneck garlic has a "scape", a stalk that coils from the top, resembling the head of a snake. There are three main types of hardneck garlic: Rocambole, Porcelain and Purple Stripe. Nonna Rose Heirloom Garlic is a Rocambole. Rocamboles produce a clove with full-bodied flavor.

They have rich brownish outer skin, with a tint of red, and the cloves have maroon skins. Rocamboles are said to be the finest-tasting garlic, used in many gourmet kitchens and restaurants. They tend to pack some heat if eaten raw, and blend well. When a recipe demands a strong garlic flavor, a Rocambole is your best choice. The bulbs are on the large size and have 6 to 11 easy-peel cloves in each bulb. There are 5 to 7 bulbs per pound. Nonna Rose Heirloom Garlic is
*not* your grocery store garlic. Order today and change the taste of your favorite recipes!

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